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173 (bad) coffees
8 hrs with no bathroom breaks
74 bags of chips
1476 playlists later…

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173 (bad) coffees
8 hrs with no bathroom breaks
74 bags of chips
1476 playlists later…

first stop
amboy, california

First stop —
Amboy, California.

First night —
Roy’s Motel Café.

1 fill-up.
4 coffees.
$37 on snacks.

Trip total —
189 litres of orange soda.
123 litres of green soda.

Our rules of the road —

Windows down.
Volume up.
No vehicle in sight? No calling shotgun.
No Google Maps. Rock Paper Scissors decides direction.
Songs on repeat is drivers privilege.

More rules of the road —

Navigator must give more than 5 secs to cross 3 lanes.
A song hasn’t been played enough until you know all the words.
Any mention of "Are we there yet?" will be penalized with a dare.

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Kicky and cool, the Desert Daze collection draws inspiration from iconic road trip movies and earthy elements.

Natural tones reign, alongside classic chukkas, ankle booties and a natural wanderlust.

Trip total: 16 lost keys.

Blogger babe @themoptop ventures out in our Desert Daze collection and proves denim and cognac make one killer combo.

Take @themoptop’s lead: when it comes to ankle boots, AIWEN is one bootie you’ll get serious mileage out of.

Made for adventure, this bag is all you need to get road trip ready. Just ask @themoptop.

4 hrs with no bathroom breaks
1 near-death experience

Master the trend —

The slip is in. Channel the ‘90s with a simple slip dress. Add a cropped jacket for warmth, a bold necklace for nights out.

Master the trend —

Bold button-downs give your everyday look a little something special.

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bristol dry lake —

A beautiful blue salt
lake in the middle
of the Mojave Desert.

Roy’s Motel & Café —

Rising above the desert landscape, Roy’s is a reminder of the car’s golden age and a siren song to those who live for roadside café’s. The perfect road trip requires two things: gas and coffee. Put them together and you hit the highway jackpot. Roy Crowl opened his eponymous gas station in Amboy in 1926. He soon added a motel of symmetrical white stucco houses with bright turquoise trim. As much as we adore his rooms, it’s the Googie (it’s a thing, Google it) boomerang-shaped neon sign that lit up our trip.

route 66 —

all the best road trips

start/end here.

Route 66 —

Think America - think road trip. A car full of friends heading along the highway into the sunset - windows down, music up. Route 66 is the original road trip. Opened in 1926, this icon was the first U.S. highway that took you from Chicago to L.A. in one almost straight line. What better place to start than where it all began?

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